Wednesday 18 October 2006

Café Hawelka


The Newspaper Reader

The Writer

"Wiener Melange" for Two

The Savorer

"The Café Hawelka in the 1st District of Vienna represents one of the last great Central European tradition of writers and artists coffeehouses as exemplified in Vienna by the Café Central before the First World War and the Café Herrenhof before the Second. ... While the Glory Years may have passed, it is the outside world that has changed and not the Café Hawelka. It still provides a refuge for many artists, writers and musicians.

(From Hawelka's website)


  1. I LOVE these blurry pictures Merisi! Thanks for stopping by and the kind comments :) How ever did you leave those embedded links? Very neat.
    Bonne Journée

  2. I found you listed in the comments of Paris Breakfasts and I am so glad to stop by ... it's a marvelous blog.


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