Saturday, 4 February 2012

Perchance to dream?
Vienna in Winter

Perchance to dream,
of spring, that is.
Hamlet would agree,
winter's hold must end

Alas, poor Yorick tulips,
it is snowing!
Big feathery snowflakes
dancing from the sky
as I am writing this,
landing softly in the arms
of cedar and pine trees,
only to escape again,
sailing slowly to the ground

on the sunny winter morning of
1 February 2010

Images and Text © by Merisi
Repost - First published 7 February 2010


  1. I think it is wonderful how you achieve perfect exposure for the white flowers. Great study of altocumulus clouds in the top picture.

    Word verification: pectin.
    Are you making jam today, perchance?

  2. i am in love
    with these snowy tulips!

    guess what--->
    my word verification: pure


    I AM NOT JOKING over here!!!!
    Go Figure!


  3. What beauty! I think I want to redo my bedroom in just the colors of the third photo.

  4. It has been snowing on and off all day here. I am spending the day in my kitchen in awe of my new oven. Have baked breads and pastries, now I have started to prapare tonight's dinner for 8 :-) Terje is out skiing though.

    I love your white tulips.

  5. How lovely...hoping my snowdrops make an appearance soon!

  6. What a coincidence - this time of year I always watch Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" (all blissful five hours of it!) and I've also just read the play again... and here you are blogging about it!

    "'Tis a consummation most devoutly to be wished."

  7. Ohhhh I just have to make some Swedish footsteps behind me.

    Your blog is fantastic, me like like!

    Agneta, a swedish one o;)

  8. It's sunny here today, it feels like spring. Tomorrow we are back to rain, but today's dream is precious.

  9. Love these white tulips ... Let's celebrate spring

  10. I promise those Tulips are smiling, can you see them... they are truly smiling and I smile along with them for their beauty is so appealing and I love the way you captured them in their purest form~

  11. Beautiful tulips in winter white! They somehow fit perfectly with this Sunday. Just lovely.

  12. Beautiful blossoms. Oh how I long for spring.

  13. I loved loved that last shot of the side of the white flower....gorgeous!!

  14. Seattle Boy,
    thank you! :-)
    No jam yesterday but for logjam in trying to re-build my archive. :-(

    thank you! :-)
    I noticed that word verification has been in a lyrical mood lately. ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    would feel like dreaming on sun-lit clouds! ;-)

  15. Britt-Arnhild,
    brava! :-)

    Sandi McBride,
    I can't believe you have no snowdrops yet!
    Where's spring?

    what a beautiful film to spend a winter's evening with!

  16. Simona,
    the sun came out here too, in the afternoon!
    I walked up to Schönbrunn's Gloriette, all the paths were iced over under the snow cover, only the main ones were safe, lots of grits to keep you from slipping.
    A northeasterly wind was blowing too.

    I agree! :-)

  17. Mary Howell Cromer,
    thank you!
    Those tulips made me smile too. ;-)

    Cobalt Violet,
    about this time of winter I crave white flowers,
    they capture the light.

    we all dream of spring by now, don't we?

    The Retired One,
    I loved how feathery the petals looked.

  18. WAIT! So are you off in Hollandia?
    where ARE you!!???

  19. Breathtaking. Wonderful description of the snowflakes falling. You do paint pictures with your words.

  20. Two years later
    So much has changed.
    February is still icy cold, though.
    And today, clouds of ice sweeping in from Siberia act like a lid on a pot filled with subzero air.

    May you all stay as warm as you wish for and keep dreaming of spring,

    Reading your comments from so long ago - thank you all from the bottom of my heart! xxx

  21. I have the same tulips at home but not the beautiful pictures, waouhhhhhhh !

  22. It is so nice to see such pretty flowers as here in NY everything is resting.

  23. Lovely images, perfect words...

  24. Whoops!
    I in advance...
    You clever duck!

  25. Wonderful photos - so cheery. If you're craving snow you should be in Boulder, CO like me. Record setting!

  26. Love the way the white of the tulips just melt into the clouds. Just beautiful.


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