Sunday, 26 June 2016

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Scenes from a Farmers Market
Saturday Morning Greens in the City

Blues and Greens
Fern and blue flowers

The hand that grows it all,
radishes, red spring onions, lettuce, herbs

Arriving at the market
with the bicycle

Photographed at the Yppen Square Farmers Market
16th District (Ottakring)
Images and Text © by Merisi

Friday, 24 June 2016

Angels at Rest
Viennese Windows

Looking Up
Angels at lunch break

Caught with my mobile phone
Image and Text © by Merisi

Yesterday's Roses
Shimmering in the Midday Heat

Roses at Noon
Shimmering at day's peak

Photographed with my mobile phone
around noon on 23 June 2016
Image and Text © by Merisi

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Something in a Summer's Day
Viennese Moments

Girl at Noon
Photographed with my mobile phone
23 June 2016
© Merisi

"A something in a summer's Day
As slow her flambeaux burn away
Which solemnizes me.

A something in a summer's noon—
A depth—an Azure—a perfume—
Transcending ecstasy."

(Emily Dickinson)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Midsummer Evening
At Prince Eugene's Belvedere

Midsummer Sunset
The day went out in a soft yellow glow

Fragrance of tilia blossoms
filled the mellow evening air

Blue Reader
Sanctuary in the dappled shelter of young linden trees

Photographed on the evening of 21 June 2016
at Prince Eugene's Upper Belvedere
3rd District
Images and Text © by Merisi

Up at Prince Eugene's Belvedere
A Summer Morning in Vienna

Upper Belvedere Palace
A glimpse of the south façade

The East Wing
Upper Belvedere Palace

View from the Menagerie Garden
Looking from the esternmost spot
of the palace gardens towards the city

Photographed Sunday Morning
© by Merisi
-> The Belvedere in Vienna @ Wikipedia
-> The Palace Gardens
-> Prince Eugene of Savoy @ Wikipedia
-> Prince Eugene of Savoy at the Belvedere Museum's homepage:
"From today’s point of view, one can observe him as an innovative and successful manager with great sense of responsibility, who was aware of the positive and unifying power of art and culture."  

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rainy Day Song
Viennese Escapes: Vorarlberg

"Ging heut Morgen übers Feld"
I went this morning over the field,
Dew still hung on the grass;

The happy finch spoke to me:
"Hey you! Right? Good morning!

Hey, right, you,
Isn't it a lovely world, lovely world?

Images © by Merisi

Quoted from Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer"
Translation by J.C. Lozos
-> Ging heut Morgen übers Feld