Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Coffee, anyone?
Kleiner Brauner at Café Gloriette

Single Espresso with Milk
Served the Viennese Way, on a silvery tray
with a glass of water, topped by a downturned spoon

Photographed at Café Gloriette
Gardens of Schönbrunn
Image and Text © by Merisi


  1. Yes, please a cup of espresso... :-)

  2. So much more of a pleasure than being handed a paper cup with a plastic top. xo

  3. I miss reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee. I don't even know if you can order the paper anymore. There used to be a little box on the corner where you could buy it, but that was taken away. Everything's on the internet now.

  4. Not more than one cup of espresso, because that stuff will get you wired!


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