Thursday, 12 January 2017

Im Kaffeehaus
Viennese Moments

There is magic

in playing to be alone

in public

Photographed in May 2010 at Café Drechsler
Corner of Linke Wienzeile and Girardigasse
6th District, next to Naschmarkt
A-1060 Vienna Images and Text © by Merisi
Images and Text Copyright by Merisi

- -> I am so proud to have been invited to select this month's theme for City Daily Photo's Theme Day Gallery.
May I invite all of you to head on over and see what's going on in coffee places around the world?
Please follow the link -> City Daily Photo Theme Day: Scene from a Coffee House
- -> Café Drechsler Homepage:
"In 2007 the doors of this coffee house jewel along Vienna’s Wienzeile-Street re-opened. After careful remodeling by Conran & Partners, Cafe Drechsler now presents itself as a café in 21st century style.
As such it continues the tradition that began with Engelbert Drechsler’s family in 1919 – to be a traditional meeting place for guests who appreciate typical coffee house specialties, classical Viennese coffee house cuisine with seasonal accents, and a relaxed atmosphere day or night."


  1. Merisi, I have enjoyed getting caught up with your recent posts. Grand to see more of the black and white photographs! Each photograph certainly provides the beginning of a story.

    Congratulations on being able to select the Daily Photo theme. Thank goodness coffee plays a part. The chairs in today's picture are very similar to the one I am sitting on as I type this comment. xo

  2. That first shot is quite old fashioned.

  3. A wonderful timeless image and it looks absolutely beautiful in b&w.


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