Tuesday, 15 September 2015

While waiting for Inspiration
Sharpening Pencils by a sunny Window

All my Pencils
Sharpened ;-)

If it had no pencil
Would it try mine—
Worn—now—and dull—sweet,
Writing much to thee.
If it had no word,
Would it make the Daisy,
Most as big as I was,
When it plucked me?

Emily Dickinson

Pencils photographed 15 September 2015
Image © by Merisi


  1. That's quite a colorful collection of pencils - with interesting messages on one or two as well! Love this photo, with the light and shadow, and textures. Beautiful!

  2. Nicely composed!

    I can't remember the last time I sharpened a pencil.

  3. Geoff Wilkinson16 September, 2015

    Beautiful picture I love this a lot, such an ordinary situation but so beautifully interpreted...

  4. Such a beautiful sunlit image!!!

  5. The shadow looks like a cancellation or barrier sign. Remove that and it's an automatic start of your writing.

  6. what a nice collection ... as a leftie, i dont use pencils because they smear .. same reason i dont use india ink


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