Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dolci e Dolcezze in Florence
Drinking Coffee elsewhere

as good as it gets

Tarteletta al Limone
topped with a heart

Where my heart with pleasure fills
Dolci e Dolcezze
Florence, Italy
© by Merisi


  1. Lovely and the taste of lemon must be fantastic!

  2. That Tarteletta looks superb!

  3. I love the simplicity of the Tarteletta...and the simplicity of the presentation as shown by your photos...True pleasure....all that and it & you are in Florence!!

  4. The tartaletta alone looks like reason enough to stop in!

  5. Merisi, these tempting tabletop views have let me banish recent memories of jumping over...or splashing through, dank and deep slush poolings at NYC curbside corners.

    Those dank pools can exist in the same world as your visions of perfect coffee and delicious lemon tarts. I chose the coffee and lemon tarts! And thank you for the reminder of this choice.


  6. The lovely green caught my attention right away. And of course, the heart is simply wonderful. I hope you enjoyed devouring that sweet dessert as well as photographing it.

  7. sure wish I was there to share the fun

  8. So sweet despite the fact that it was probably a bit sour, given that it was a lemon tart.


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