Tuesday, 14 January 2014

May I tempt you?
Café Orlando di Castello

Caffè macchiato
Espresso with a drop of milk

Einen kleinen Braunen, bitte!
Un caffè macchiato, the Viennese way

And here, voilà, the innards
of this mango mousse temptation!

Photographed at
Café Orlando di Castello
Freyung 1

Images and Text © by Merisi

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  1. Repost, I know. I was there recently, though, quick coffee at the counter (al banco, precious few places here in Vienna offer that!) and the coffee's still as good as ever!
    Wishing you all a wonderful day, filled with dreams of great coffee or tea,

  2. yum. miss that place - especially the chicken ceasar salad, always so beautifully presented. have another one for me!

  3. mmmm, coffee. All looks good. I especially am fond of the coffee, without cream, ha. I'm sure it's good no matter how you drink it, and eat it.

  4. Big smile coming your way, well yes, you can tempt me, but looking at my sorry cup of hot cocoa, well, it is just not going along with what I can imagine going on with the taste buds where you were~

  5. Mmm yes please. Looks very inviting, I must say! :D

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. Yes - you temptress! ;-) Lovely shots.

  7. Merisi, your repost is quite as tempting as ever!

    I also must tell you how lovely your layered early morning sunlight reflection was. It's grand that your eyes saw the possibilities of what your camera could capture.

    Bravo! xo

  8. Oh, yes, you may & you have! The subject is enticing & the photos are sublime, atmospheric. I so enjoy your wanderings in Vienna....Thank you, Merisi, Rita (Now I go back & edit my post to say I've also been to Vienna today too!

  9. Yes, you may indeed! Looks so delicious! Wonderful way to start my day and I do need to go prepare some breakfast now!! Delightful captures as always, Merisi! Hope your week is going well!! Enjoy!

  10. Replies
    1. I just read your comments. Thank you all so very much for each and every comment, all the lovely thoughts you left. I appreciate them immensely.
      A good night to you all, from Vienna,

  11. That mango mousse temptation is beyond tempting!


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