Thursday, 17 January 2013

Winter Wonderland
Vienna in Winter

Thursday Morning
17 January 2013
8:00 AM

Overnight, a big snow storm dumped
up to a foot of snow over the city.
It will continue to snow throughout the day.

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Isn't it just fabulous (except if you have to drive in it)

  2. That is so,serene,magical,and beautiful! I would turn the classical music on, and sip on a Mocha, and stay put, and enjoy~

  3. Truly beautiful although I prefer to see so much snow just in photos. :-)

  4. The place has covered with a white blanket of snow !
    So beautiful photos !

  5. Dear Merisi, Now you know what it is like. Happy for you and the beautiful snow. Gorgeous photographs.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, sugar! xoxoxoo

  7. Wow, Merisi, you do have a wonderland there. How does greater Vienna cope with such snow accumulation? Do the trams still operate? Is coffee still available?


  8. What gorgeous, snowy captures for the day, Merisi! It does look COLD, though!! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm!!

  9. Our surroundings look very similar this morning!! Does my heart good!

  10. Wow! A whole different side to Vienna. I have to say, snow is so much prettier in someone else's "backyard."

  11. Wow, very nice. Better you than us, though. I wouldn't want to drive in it.

  12. I hope you will spot a snowman or two!

  13. Wow, this is gorgeous Merisi.
    A bit too cold for me but oh so pretty.
    We have had over a week of (for us) extremely cold frosty mornings. It was 32F. when I got up today.
    Our plants aren't too fond of the frost. I was happy to see the hummingbird still flitting around the tree by my diningroom window.
    Stay warm and have a great day.

  14. I have been in Vienna with the snow an it was so beautiful!


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