Monday, 3 December 2012

Sunday Morning in the City
Christmastime in Vienna

Michaeler Durchhaus
On the morning of
the first Sunday in Advent,
the sky hidden behind high fog and snow clouds,
a father and child walk on Michaelerplatz past
the passage way leading to Habsburgergasse

A Christmas tree
in the Michaeler Durchhaus

St. Augustine's Church
The church already filled to the last pew
and high mass with a performance
of Antonín Dvořák's Mass in D major will
commence any moment

2 December 2012
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I'm loving strolling along with you in Vienna.
    I'm Luvin' it!

  2. Your last photo makes me want to be there to listen and watch! Wonderful.

  3. I love those vaulted ceilings like in the church. Wow.

  4. Merisi, I marvel at the quiet elegance of your first photograph and then try to imagine the beautiful music filling the church you show in the next picture. Isn't this a fine time of the year?


  5. Oh, yes, I love strolling through Vienna with you, too, Merisi, particularly at this time of year! So much beauty, history and elegance! Great way to start my day! Hope you have a good week ahead!!

  6. How lovely, Merisi! Thank you so much for such a beautiful tour.

  7. Everything so light and delicate.


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