Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blue Sky over St. Stephen's Cathedral
Christmastime in Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral
In the morning light

Photographed 13 December 2011
© by Merisi


  1. send me some blue sky please! Greetings from England x

    1. On it's way, Valerie!

      We have a long spell of high fog obscuring the sky and our days. Today, the sun's out, such a blessing! The picture was taken a year ago, on another beautiful December day, weatherwise.

  2. Vienna just keeps on getting more and more beautiful, bless it . . . I'm glad you have blue skies. London is bright but cold and I am making a resolution to get out and find some blue sky :-)

  3. Nice shot! Last time I visited Vienna was a few years ago but will always love this city. It's simply so elegant.

    Just dropping by to say hi :)



  4. That would make a great image for a crossword puzzle

  5. Such a gorgeous cathedral and I do love your BLUE skies!! Terrific capture as always, Merisi! Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. What a glorious morning. Hope it is the same bright sun next Saturday when I arrive to walk the streets in Wien. Fantasic bright picture.

  7. Beautiful morning light!
    Le toit de tuiles vernissées ressemble à ceux des hospices de Beaunes-en plus grand-


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