Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Love and Coffee at Caffè Florian
Merisi's Viennese Escapes

Early Morning
Caffè Florian's grand drapes
along the Procuratie Nuove arcade
are not yet drawn all the way

Two Lovers
absorbed in taking pictures of
- whom else? - themselves

Another Early Bird
marvels at the splendid emptiness
of early morning's Piazza San Marco

Caffè Florian
Procuratie Nuove
Piazza San Marco


No, I am still here, in Vienna,
but I felt like dreaming of Venice.
I took these pictures in late August of 2010.
I was on my way to Geneva
and stopped overnight in La Serenissima.
Rising at first daylight, I took a long walk
in the early morning breeze

Images and Text
copyright by Merisi


  1. Ahhhhh--it's nice to dream! I love those curtains at Caffe Florian. You captured the feel of it so well. Happy New Year, Merisi! I look forward to another year of your beautiful photos.

  2. I love the curtains too, especially the last picture.

  3. A Brush with Color:
    Sue, I have had it with winter! ;-)

    Happy New Year to you too!

    Vicki Lane,
    fascinating, aren't they?

  4. ... Oh, isn't Venice the absolute BEST ... love your pics, and it is just that magical ...

  5. Oh simply GORGE!!!
    I want to paint still lifes from caffe Florian!
    I plan to go everyday for a cuppa whence in Venice.
    I'm saving now for then!

  6. Memories are so wonderful. I do remember sitting for tea at the Cafe Florian a couple years ago. Just beautiful in the early morning. Now I wish we didn't get charged for listening to the music. Just smiling!

  7. Replies
    1. Si, Signora, bella figure, sempre. ;-)

  8. When in Venice I made a million pictures of those curtains, because I liked how it folded and because i thought I might make a curtain of that style for my little window in the pantry. I miss Venice.

    1. Irina,
      I was told tMarie Antoinette introduced this design from her homeland to the French Court, hence the name "Austrian shades" for this variation on Festoon shades.

  9. You surprised me with these nice and unexpected pictures...

    1. *giggles* Way better than ice and snow, isn't it?

  10. Venice, Summer... so far away... Will you go to the Biennale this year?

    1. Yes, Vreni!
      In fact, I hope I'll go there at least twice.

  11. Love the idea of lovers out and about early in the morning. Amazing what one can see when a town awakens. Lovely images and commentary.

  12. I just LOVE this café! It's always the first place I think of when I see images of the floods in Venice. Wonderful shots!

  13. A little girl all of 6 years, twirling, laughing and leaping to a string quartet playing late into the night at Piazza San Marco.

    This was my last memory and moment in Venice..

  14. Oh those windows and oh to have that much light pouring in...our windows all so puny, and then those lovely drapes, wow, such beauty~


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