Thursday, 26 July 2012

Glimpses of Annagasse
Viennese Moments

"The interaction
of two or more agents or forces
so that their combined effect is greater
than the sum of their individual effects
This is a definition of synergy,
according to answersdotcom,
but could well stand as a description
of Vienna's Annagasse.

Look at this beautiful façade,
venerated for the "Blue Carp" -
"Zum Blauen Karpfen" -,
yes, the beauty of this façade alone
would send you swooning,
but it is the interaction of all of the buildings
along this street that make you
want to never stop looking up.

Looking Back
Supplies are being delivered
in the early morning
to the merchants, restaurants and hotels
along my favorite Viennese street.

I imagine someone having breakfast -
big cups of Viennese Melange coffee! -
behind the sheer half-drawn balloon shades
of this bay window.

Another view
of the house with the bay window,
at Annagasse 4,
the so-called Kremsmünsterhof,
erected around 1600.

Its 1660/1680s façade
has only recently been uncovered
and restored to its former beauty.

Leaving Annagasse
It almost hurts,
each and every time
my time is up.
You feel the same?
Would it be of comfort
if I assure you that
I have more images
to share with you?

in the early morning hours
of July 29, 2009

Photographs and Text © by Merisi


  1. I never visit here without thinking that I would like a sabbatical in Vienna! Such beauties you spread before us . . .

  2. A wonderfully evocative post, Merisi!

  3. Hello,
    Synergy is everything!!!
    Your point of view of little streets, windows and all those things is fantastic!

  4. I like that fish on the facing of that building.

  5. I had to look up 'balloon shades'...
    What a savage I am...still I don't think I'd mind having a cup of schocolade behind them whilst wearing my Klimpt dressing gown...

  6. Extraordinary, Merisi!!!! It does hurt to leave...I'm so glad you have more photos...I NEVER grow tired of the incredible beauty of your artistic photography...It is always fresh, new, vibrant and feeds my soul!!! Love, Janine XO

  7. I always love imagining what goes on behind glimpsed windows.

  8. God, I love the early morning. Unfortunately you have to go to bed early at night if you want to enjoy it.

  9. Dear Merisi,
    please share more!
    I am so busy with my job, and so happy to visit your blog with such treasure. See you around web:)

  10. Gorgeous! Thank you.

  11. I always love any glimpses you give me, Merisi! These are no exception.

  12. What perfect, perfect architecture.

  13. Very nice as always... I happened to be just in this very street yesterday to go to the Burger King , of all places :-)
    The interior of the restaurant is actually quite stunning.

  14. Philippe,
    I am almost envious (not of the Burger King, though! *giggles*), what with the weather be so gorgeous and I have to sit in class. Well, one more semester and then, the next one is mostly Diplomarbeit, and I hope to be able to manage my time well enough to have time for a morning walk through Annagasse. So close, yet so far at the moment!

  15. Oh to take a walk along your pathway, just one my dreams, can one imagine having to keep clean all of those windows;') have a happy~

    1. Morning are your time, you'd see wondrous things on your morning walks in Vienna! "There all is order, naught amiss: Comfort and beauty, calm and bliss." (Baudelaire)

  16. Lovely. I think you invented a new activity, Merisi - "window coffee drinking" (as in window shopping) :-).

    1. To many more beautiful windows in our lives! :-)

  17. Exquisite. To walk this street in the early morning would be wonderful and to look up at the unveiled, restored architecture. The close up of the carp and carved surround is beautiful. Another reason to gaze upwards.

    1. If you'd ask me where I'd want to walk if I had only one place left in Vienna, it would be there, gazing upwards.

  18. Your photos are superb as always, Merisi! Like the others, I would love to be able to walk the streets of Vienna -- particularly this one! So beautiful and so much history that I find so fascinating! Love the carp, too! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. I sometimes wish I had more time, to tell more stories of the places I pass.
      A wonderful weekend to you too!

  19. parisbreakfasts26 July, 2012

    Yes, I concur.
    Your pictures are superb.
    But now my curiousity is roused to see the inside of Burger King...
    Will you share with us?

    1. Burger King? Looks as if it could be in Singapore or a Washington DC suburb, anywhere but Vienna! ;-)

  20. I would be sad too to leave this beautiful morning walk down this gorgeous avenue.

    1. There is always a way to look forward, though, to the next walk! ;-)

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