Friday, 6 March 2009

Postcards from Venice

Gondolas ondulating
in the early morning light
on the Canal Grande

Cooks scurrying to and fro
in a calle near
the Rialto fish market:
Visions of scartosso de pesse
dancing in my head

Venetian Cameo
A glimpse
of a moment in time.

A beribboned straw hat,
a striped shirt,
black trousers,
a gondola.

Caffé macchiato,
Caffé latte, cappuccino,


Scartosso de pesse -
mixed fried seafood wrapped in a paper cone.
Venetian style (the original!) Fish and Chips,
albeit sans chips, but ah so good!

in Venice
February 2009


  1. I'll take all of the above, please. Venice is just such a magical place. You did a great job of capturing it.

  2. What a nice place, it's contrary clean and better than my town, Jakarta - Indonesia.
    Thanks for sharing...

    Cheers, frizzy.

  3. wish l were there instead of here ...

  4. I need to see Venice, and Vienna and Venezuala, and Vera Cruz and have coffee in them all.
    'm off to buy a lottery ticket.

  5. Lovely postcards from a magical place. So you're off to Rome soon? I have a very good friend who was born and raised in Rome (near the Trevi fountain) and he still lives there. One of these days I'll return to that wonderful city, too. Please, oh, please take lots of photos while you're there!
    Happy Friday...

  6. Keep those postcards coming!
    Beautiful Venice! Where to next?

  7. Merisi, the "Caffe macchiato" picture brings to mind one of my favorite movies - "Summertime" - with Kathryn Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi! She sat at one of those tables a couple times in the movie with a glass of water and a caffe.

  8. Beautiful photos. I love Venice. I wonder, to the bushes there still crawl with cats?

  9. Begging your pardon, that was supposed to be... Do the bushes there still crawl with cats?

  10. Lovely pictures. The tray of caffe italiano looks particularly delicious.

    Vorrei un caffe macchiato per favore....

  11. So you are who has Saz infused today. Wonderful. I can see why!

  12. Fantastic pics from a magical city. I love how you catch an ambiance

  13. Wonderful place, Merisi; and, of course, what would a day out be but with cafe latte to sip and enjoy.

  14. Great pictures - have a productive trip!


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